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  Decisions Sorry, there is no translation for this news-article.
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  ... Pl. ÚS 5/16 – Justification of a decision not to grant citizenship on the grounds of a threat to national security Read more  All news Current decisions 26 April 2017 2017/02/14 - Pl. ÚS 28/16: Blocking of Illegal Gambling on the Internet. Read more  26 April 2017 2017/01/02 - I. ÚS 2078/16: ...
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  2009/03/17 - Pl. ÚS 24/08: Public Interest - Airpo...
  ... the injured party would not necessarily have standing to bring an action. A further problem which arises in the case of court review of decisions issued on the basis of the contested Act, is the issue of the extent of such review. In view of the fact that the legislature made a ... an encroachment by the legislative power upon the executive power, but it also restricted the right to court review. Perspective administrative
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  2006/09/27 - Pl. ÚS 51/06: Non-Profit Hospitals
  ... component of the advancement of democracy.  It has concerned itself, in a number of its decisions, with the issue of the independent competence of territorial self-governing units and the ... faced this issue, then it should make, at least in outline, a recapitulation the preceding decisions.   50. In its 9 July 2003 Judgment, No. Pl. US 5/03 (published in the Collection of Laws as ... to Act No. 245/2006 Coll., and those which are not listed in the Annex to the Act. Notice:
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  2001/06/20 - Pl. ÚS 14/01: Czech National Bank
  ... to the issue of who is authorized to act and take decisions in other matters“ (p. 6 of the Petition) and ... by a person who himself or herself acts and takes decisions as an organ, while a representative of a collegial ... in the name of that body and is entirely bound by its decisions, that any effort to conceive of the CNB Governor as ... them the whole existing practice, including a host of
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  History 1920 1948.pdf, pages 12-22
  ... possible, ... then it would be above parliament and these few people would again make decisions about everything.“ According to Hoetzel, who was in agreement, it would be contrary to the ... Constitutional Court the reasons for its application weakened. The Constitutional Court made decisions in a case by a judgement. If, after a public oral hearing, the Constitutional Court concluded ... of the hitherto implemented model of the division of labour when the legislative body made
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  2005/11/08 - Pl. ÚS 28/04: Public Hearing
  ... chamber influence the jury” [see decision no. 4336/1932 in: F. Vážný, Rozhodnutí Nejvyššího soudu československé republiky ve věcech trestních [Decisions of the Supreme Court of the Czechoslovak Republic in Criminal Matters] (“Vážný”), XIII, 1932, p. 568]. The Supreme Court of the First Republic ... 1, 2 of the Constitution, Art. 38 par. 2 a Art. 17 par. 1, 4, 5 of the Charter (§ 70 par. 2 of the Act on the Constitutional Court). Notice:
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  2009/07/28 - Pl. ÚS 9/09: Exclusion of a Disciplin...
  ... which have not been completed with legally effective decisions, i.e. when the argument of legal certainty and ... decision of a body of public power, to which other decisions are related in terms of contents, and unless a ... when legal conditions are not met for adopting such decisions as a result of cassation, the Constitutional Court shall, at the same time, annul such other
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  2013/04/02 - Pl. ÚS 6/13: Regulation of Gambling
  ... (hereinafter referred to as the “Constitution”), but also the provision of Art. 89, para. 2 of the Constitution, under which enforceable decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding on all authorities and persons. Even though the judgments of the Constitutional Court were primarily ... [cf. e.g. the Resolution file reference Pl. ÚS 25/2000, issued on 15 August 2000 (U 27/19 SbNU 271), also available – just as all the other
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  2002/10/02 - Pl. ÚS 5/02: Legislative Process
  ... their society-wide effect, certainly more significant that in cases of individual (defective) decisions by other public bodies. Thus, in the legislative process, the foremost requirement is that ... already laid out.   It has already been mentioned that in a parliamentary democracy political decisions arise from the will of the majority, expressed in a free vote; conditions which, under the ...
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