JUDr. Ivana Janů

Justice (since 16. 9. 2004 to 16. 9. 2014, Vice – President from 9. 11. 1993 to 9. 2. 2002)

JUDr. Ivana Janů

JUDr. Ivana Janů (*1946) earned her doctorate in public international law at the Charles Law Faculty in 1974. In 1973–83 she worked on hydro-economic and environmental legislation at the Research Institute for Hydro-Economy. In 1983–89 she was a company lawyer. After November, 1989 she was co-opted into the CNC and twice elected to Parliament, where she worked on the Constitutional Law, Mandate and Immunity, and Foreign Affairs Committees (Vice-Chairwoman of the latter from 1992). She took part in drafting the current Czech Constitution. In 1992 the CNC selected her to lead its delegation to the Council of Europe. In 1996 she lectured at CapitalUniversityLawSchool (Ohio) on issues of post-totalitarian transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. In June, 2001 was elected by the General Assembly of United Nations as a Judge ad litem of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia. She was first appointed a Justice of the Constitutional Court, as well as its Deputy Chief Justice, in November, 1993 by President Václav Havel. On 16 September 2004 President Václav Klaus re-appointed her a Justice of the Constitutional Court.