prof. JUDr. Pavel Holländer

Vice - President (since 6. 8. 2003, Justice from 15. 7. 1993 to 15. 7. 2003)

prof. JUDr. Pavel Holländer

Prof. JUDr. Pavel Holländer, DrSc. (1953) completed his law studies in 1976. He then began working in the Department of the Theory of State and Law at the Law Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava, first as an internal postgraduate student, then beginning in 1979 as an assistant professor, and from February, 1988 until February, 1993 as a docent (with the exception of the period from September until December 1989, when he worked in the Institute of State and Law of the Slovak Academy of Sciences). In 1992 and 1993 he studied with a Humboldt Foundation scholarship at the Law Faculty of the University of Kiel. In May, 1995 he was appointed a professor. He was appointed a Justice of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in 1993, and once again in 2003. He has been a member (since 2003) of the Scholastic Society of the Czech Republic, he has worked on the University Accreditation Committee (1994-2000), has been and is a member of the scientific councils of several universities, as well as of their law faculties, as well as a member of the editorial boards of several Czech and international scholarly journals. His scholarly writing is focused primarily on issues of legal theory and the philosophy of law, legal logic, medical law, general political science, and constitutional law. He has presented papers on various aspects of these fields at many scholarly conferences, lectured on them at universities abroad, and published a large number of scholarly works. From among his books, the following can be mentioned: Rechtsnorm, Logik und Wahrheitswerte. Nomos-Verlag, Baden Baden 1993; Ústavněprávní argumentace – ohlédnutí po deseti letech Ústavního soudu. Linde, Praha 2003; Abriß einer Rechtsphilosophie (strukturelle Überlegungen). Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2003; Filosofie práva. Nakl. A. Čeněk, Plzeň 2006; Verfassungsrechtliche Argumentation – zwischen dem Optimismus und der Skepsis. Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2007; Základy všeobecné státovědy. 2. vyd., Nakl. A. Čeněk, Plzeň 2009.