Prof. JUDr. Vladimír Klokočka, DrSc.

Justice (15. 7. 1993 - 15. 7. 2003)

Prof. JUDr. Vladimír Klokočka, DrSc. (*1929, †2009) earned his doctorate from the Charles Law Faculty in 1952 and worked as an assistant in 1952-56. In 1960 he was awarded the degree, Candidate of Science. In 1961-62 he completed a post-graduate program at the Institut des Etudes Européens in Torino. In 1966 he became a docent of constitutional law. During the „Prague Spring“, he was active in the reform process and was elected to the Czech National Council, where he drafted the new electoral law. In the same year he became the Dean of the Masaryk Law Faculty. Later as a political reprisal, he was expelled from the university. In 1971-77 he worked with the Czech State Insurance Company in Prague but was dismissed in 1977 for signing Charter 77. After a series of persecutions, he emigrated to Germany, where he worked as a lecturer at the Institute for Political Science in Munich.

In 1990-92 he was involved in the democratization process in Czechoslovakia, received the title, Doctor of Science (DrSc.), and was named a professor.

In 1993 after his return to the Czech Republic, President Václav Havel appointed him a Justice of the Constitutional Court, and Masaryk University awarded him an honorary doctorate, Dr.h.c. In 1994-5 he lectured on European comparative constitutional law at Palacký University.

Vladimír Klokočka died on 19 October 2009.