JUDr. Vojen Güttler

Justice (since 6. 8. 2003, also from 15. 7. 1993 to 15. 7. 2003)

JUDr. Vojen Güttler

JUDr. Vojen Güttler (*1934) graduated from Jičín gymnasium in 1952, but, as its administration did not recommend his studies at the Charles Law Faculty, he was admitted only after working in the Jáchymov mines. He completed law studies in 1958, but, since he had taken part in an opposition student movement, his diploma was withheld. He was a company lawyer, then in 1960 became a civil law judge, later becoming a judge of the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem.  In that period he devoted himself primarily to labor law. Among other things, he was active as the Chairman of the Labor Law Commission of the Federal Ministry of General Engineering and as a Member of the Labor Law Commission of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

In 1968 he was an active official of the Club of Active Non-Party Members (CAN). He emigrated briefly in 1968 and was forced to leave the judiciary soon after his return. He once again worked as a company lawyer and published a number of legal essays.

After November, 1989, he co-founded Civic Forum at his workplace. At the beginning of 1990 he made a television appeal for CAN and became Chairman of its Preparatory Committee. In 1990 he became Director of the Division for Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Justice then an advisor to the Chairwoman of the Czech National Council („CNC“). President Václav Havel appointed him a Justice of the CSFR Constitutional Court in 31 January, 1992 and, on 15 July 1993, a Justice of the Czech Constitutional Court. President Václav Klaus reappointed him on 6 August 2003. He has delivered papers at a number of human rights conferences in Europe, Asia, and America. He has authored a large number of scholarly articles and essays published both in the Czech Republic and the USA.