The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic

Joštova 8, 660 83 Brno 2

tel. (420) 542161111
fax: (420) 542218326

e-mail to file a petition or statement: podani [at]

personal e-mails: name.surname [at]


Effective from 3 March 2022, in order to ensure the cyber and information security of its electronic systems, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic proceeded to block unwanted electronic communication from certain foreign territories. If you are contacting us electronically from abroad and you do not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your submission or do not receive a direct response from the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, please contact us by other means (e.g. in writing, by telephone, by your attorney or by data box system).

Thank you for your understanding.

President: Mr. Josef Baxa
tel. (00420) 542214360, fax (00420) 542218326
Secretary: Mrs. Jitka Chmelová, Mrs. Regina Kirkingová

Vice-President: Mr. Vojtěch ŠIMÍČEK
tel.  (00420) 542161149
Secretary: Mrs. Jana Kadlečková

Vice-President: Mrs. Kateřina RONOVOSKÁ
tel.  (00420) 542161042
Secretary: Mrs. Markéta Putnová

Secretary General: Mr. Vlastimil GÖTTINGER
tel. (00420) 542161108
Secretary: Mrs. Renata Janíčková

Director of the Court's Administration Section: Mr. František KONEČNÝ
tel. (00420) 542161153

Head of the External Relations and Protocol Department: Mr. Pavel DVOŘÁK
tel. (00420) 542161195, (00420) 542161031
mobil (00420) 730544466

Head of the Analytics Department: Mrs. Monika Hanych
tel. (00420) 542161106, (00420) 542161271

Head of the Judicial Department: Mrs. Dana HAISOVÁ
tel. (00420) 542161183

Head of the Human Resources and Legal Department: Mrs. Markéta KRATĚNOVÁ
tel. (00420) 542161196

Head of the IT Department: Mr. Lukáš ČERNOTA
tel. (00420) 542161175