Emeriti Justices and Court Officials

vzpis soudci

JUDr. Vlastimil Ševčík

Justice (15. 7. 1993 - 15. 12. 2002)

JUDr. Vlastimil Ševčík (*1927, †2002), after completing gymnasium in 1946, earned his doctorate of law from the Masaryk Law Faculty in 1950.

In 1951-53 he became a judicial trainee at, then a judge of, the Regional Court in Ostrava. He then became a panel chairman of the District Court in Karvina until 1954, when he resigned his judicial office. He then became chief of the administrative department, ČSAD Ostrava. In 1955-92 he worked as an attorney for the Regional Association of Attorneys in Ostrava.

In 1990 he was elected to the Federal Assembly and a member of both its Constitutional Law and Mandate and Immunity Committees.

In 1992 he was appointed Deputy Chief Justice of the CSFR Constitutional Court. After the dissolution of the CSFR, he worked as an advisor to the Chief Justice of the Czech Supreme Court.

He was a member of the Section for Substantive Criminal Law of the Studies Collegium of the Headquarters for Czech Advocacy in Prague.

On 15 July 1993 President Václav Havel appointed him a Justice of the Constitutional Court. He also lectured at the Palacký Law Faculty.

Vlastimil Ševčík died on 15 December 2002.