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20. March 2024 Constitutional Court rejects proposal to annul the second sentence of Section 2958 of the Civil Code (principles of decency). The methodology for compensating other than proprietary harm serves only as a supportive interpretative aid Read more 14. March 2024 The President of the Constitutional Court received the German Ambassador to the Czech Republic Read more 05. March 2024 Kateřina Ronovská, Vice President of the Constitutional Court, attended an international conference in Riga  Read more 28. February 2024 Refusal to conduct paternity test aligns with three-year-old’s best interest, yet court verdict is not immutable  Read more 30. January 2024 President of the Constitutional Court Josef Baxa attended the opening of the judicial year at the European Court of Human Rights Read more 24. January 2024 Pension indexation reduction withstands scrutiny of the Constitutional Court. The Plenum dismissed the proposal Read more 16. January 2024 Ecologists’ opinion expressed through satire stood up to the Constitutional Court’s test Read more 19. December 2023 The Constitutional Court is once again complete. Lucie Dolanská Bányaiová and Zdeněk Kühn have joined the bench Read more 05. December 2023 A case of possible school discrimination of a child with a disability returns to general courts Read more 29. November 2023 Right of a victim of offence committed by public official to be notified on the possibility to claim compensation Read more