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30. July 2021 Judgment II. ÚS 482/21 of 30 July 2021 - Medical Age Assessment of Juvenile Migrants; Right to Interpretation, Translation and Information Read more 06. April 2021 Decision Pl. ÚS 12/21 of 16 March 2021 - Petition of Senators to annul the Government’s declaration of the state of emergency ruled inadmissible Read more 06. April 2021 Judgment Pl. ÚS 106/20 of 9 February 2021 - State of Emergency Declared in Response to Covid-19 Pandemic – Restrictions on Retail and Services Read more tiskova_zprava 05. March 2021 XVIII Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts organized by the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic held on 24-25 February Read more 01. March 2021 Mouth and nose covering required for entering the Constitutional Court building Read more 23. February 2021 Judgment I. ÚS 1154/21 of 23 February 2020 - Assessment of the State’s liability for the length of proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights Read more 02. February 2021 Judgment Pl. ÚS 44/17 of 2 February 2021 - Constitutionality of the Electoral Act (equality of votes and of the right to vote and equal opportunities for parties and coalitions standing in elections) Read more 03. November 2020 Judgment Pl. ÚS 10/17 of 3 November 2020 - Negative Register of Debtors (Consumers) Read more 14. October 2020 Judgment II. ÚS 4071/19 of 14 October 2020 - Conflict of the Right to Defence with the Duty of Attorney-Client Privilege Read more 06. October 2020 Judgment III. ÚS 1412/20 of 6 October 2020 - Obligation to Identify and Recognize the So-Called Hate-Related Motive of a Criminal Offence in the Light of the Right to Effective Investigation Read more