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The Constitutional Court is complete again

Yesterday, the President of the Czech Republic appointed Mr Jan Svaton a Justice of the Constitutional Court. This had been the end of a 431 days period, when the Constitutional Court could not sit in full bench. Following the resignation of Justice Kateřina Šimáčková in December 2021, the remaining 14 Justices had to decide upon cases that would otherwise be handled by the fifteenth Justice. That is not – however - the only reason why the Constitutional Court accepted the information about appointment with pleasure.

Jan Svatoň is a respected expert in the field of constitutional law and political sciences, and there is no doubt that - thanks to his knowledge and experience - he will become an apprciated member of the judiciary, which is awaiting the end of term of three other judges in May. The plenum of the Constitutional Court will decide in which panel is the new Justice going to serve.
Justice Jan Svatoň has assumed his function at the moment of taking the oath in hands of the President of the Czech Republic. One can only wish him every success in protecting constitutionality and providing justice.

Vlastimil Göttinger
Secretary General of the Constitutional Court


Photo ©: Fotoarchiv KPR, foto Hana Brožková