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The President of the Constitutional Court met with the Polish Ambassador to the Czech Republic

On Monday afternoon, the President of the Constitutional Court, Pavel Rychetský, received the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Czech Republic, Mateusz Gniazdowski, for a courtesy visit. His Excellency took up his post on 16 September last year and visited Brno in his official capacity for the first time. The meeting was also attended by Doc. Petr Mrkývka from the Masaryk University Faculty of Law, who has been serving as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Brno for two and a half decades. 

During the meeting, Pavel Rychetský presented the competences and role of the Constitutional Court in the Czech legal system and introduced briefly the history of Czech constitutional justice. The participants of the meeting also discussed the international judicial cooperation and the international, national and legal impact of the war in Ukraine. At the end of the visit, the guests were shown the representative rooms of the Constitutional Court, the seat of which is one of the most remarkable buildings in Brno.

Pavel Dvořák, 
Head of External Relations and Protocol Department