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The President of the Constitutional Court received the British Ambassador to the Czech Republic

On Wednesday 15 March, in the afternoon, the President of the Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetský received His Excellency Matthew Field, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Czech Republic, for a courtesy visit. Matthew Field became the head of the British diplomatic mission in Prague in January this year. He previously served as Her Majesty's Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina and has hold a number of other diplomatic posts.

Pavel Rychetský began the meeting with a brief introduction to the Czech or Czechoslovak constitutional judiciary, which dates back to 1920. He then spoke about the legal basis of the Constitutional Court in the Czech constitutional and political system and its role in protecting constitutionality. The debate also focused on a broader context of the Czech judicial system. At the end of the visit, the seat of the Constitutional Court was shown to His Excellency. The building, which was originally constructed to house the Moravian Parliament, is remarkable for its neo-renaissance architecture as well as from the point of view of the political and constitutional history of the Czech Republic.   

Pavel Dvořák, 
Head of External Relations and Protocol Department